Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its wet and muggy

It is wet. The rain hasn't stopped since yesterday.
Everytime I would step on the road, brown paint would splatter on my calf.
My nose has been running all day. I have a terrible cold. Lemon and honey in warm water is the cure, says somebody. The recipe sounds quite tempting. I mean, with a small shot of vodka tipped into that glass, a tempting cocktail it would make, don't you think?
Yesterday, we took a long drive at Worli. We saw a barn owl hovering in mid-air and we ate bread pudding. Yes, it wasn't as good as the one we get at Good-Luck Cafe, but it made for a good treat. Atleast I could taste its subtle sweetness, unlike today when I can't even taste something as sour as a raw lemon.
That is why I think I should gulp down a shot of vodka. It doen't have a taste that you can define. But its effect lingers and you can see the positive effects so obviously. Now a days, of course I prefer it the beer-way. But beer is cold and it is not good for my throat. It is not as if there has been a draught of alcohol in my life, lately... it is just that I am on a random wander!
There were seven bomb-blasts in Bangalore some days ago. There were 16 in Ahmedabad, just yesterday. Wonder if anything will shake Mumbai. I would get an extended holiday. Or maybe, with the rain gods playing football with thunder and lightening, the bomb might get wet and never explode. That would be a funny headline: "Bomb defuses due to dampening by rain!"
Haha, but for the misfortune of those who intended the chaos.