Friday, March 17, 2006

Four Days
Day One of second semester at college ...everyone was there
My evening at Japalouppe on March 4
Trekking at Rajgad
Drive supposedly to Ambyvalley, actually to Khopoli

Four jobs I’ve had
Citadel, Magna
Maharashtra Herald, Sakal
Pune Guide Book, Elephant Design
Advocate Sarode's office

Four movies I could watch over and over
Jerry Maguire
Sound of Music
Free Willy (1/2/3)

Four places I’ve lived
Warden Court, Mumbai
Nirman Vihar, New Delhi
Manak Vihar, New Delhi
Pride, Pune

Four T.V. shows I like
Bold and Beautiful!!
I DON'T WATCH TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four places I’ve vacationed:
Palolem, Goa
Japalouppe, Talegaon
Pindari-Kafni, Himalayas
Bogmallo, Goa

Four of my favourite dishes
BBQ steak at Mad House Grill
Cheese and Mushroom Pasta
Curd-rice-lemon pickle

Four sites I visit daily
The Loo
The bed

Four places I'd rather be right now
Dar, Kumaon Himalayas
ACJ, Chennai
Tibet School, Dharamshala
Florida, USA

Four books I’ve read this year
Atlas Shrugged
To Kill a Mockingbird
Kite Runner

Four bloggers I’m going to tag with this