Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things people do.

I was looking at the creative work of a friend. She has made chairs - very very sit-able chairs - with newspapers. I was so amazed by her innovative self which came about just as she was rolling up newspaper in a distracted state of the mind only to find how tight and firm the roll could become. One can only be in awe of such creativity.

But looking at her work today got me thinking about a certain more relevant thing. Creativity lies in all of us, but what is the time we give creativity to nurture itself, to grow, to be exploited. I am often told to take time off for myself. To do what? - "Creative things - write!" ; About what? - "Whatever you like to?", But what's the use? - "Learn to feel good about it." Naah... I am prompted to write this post today only because I see a new follower. It makes me happy to find that someone's been reading what I write... wrote. Thank you followers.

Does appreciation count as motivations? I guess it does. And so I wrote my friend an email telling her how she left me spell-bound with her work and drifted forth in the happiness of having motivated her towards more creativity. Maybe not.