Sunday, November 15, 2009

The me... PART II

i just discovered classical music.
it isn't loud and at the same time does not interfere.
i can read with it playing in the background (or may be the foreground).
i can listen to it 24-hours long (it has been 48 hours now).
it is amusing... how being by yourself allows you to know more about yourself. i am learning to discover myself and indeed it is a rather enlightening and impressive experience.
there are so many things that i did not have time for (those i thought i should have time for) or may be just overlooked in those busy days, but now this is more about what 'the me' likes. the books, the music, the clothes, the food... just the way "the me' wants it.
Tip toe on the maple leaf
It crackles beneath those toes
Bring home the sunshine from far above
'The me' within drives away 'the I's' woes.