Saturday, July 15, 2006

About 'being in love'

A few people questioned me about 'this' man after they read my previous post. The existence of a man was presumed when they read 'I'm in love'.

Well this post goes out to them. Isn't "being in love" a state of the mind? I mean, there are certain emotions, reactions and feelings that are typical to 'when one is in love'. Of course, you need to have been in love at least once to be able to identify these feelings, but thereafter, it's more about 'how you feel' and 'what you experience', more than the existence of particular feelings towards a person, that begins to matter.

I have been madly in love only once and that too at the tender age of 16, when life suddenly seems rosy, and rosier because of the 'sweet' attached to the sixteen. Well, there are many moments in my life when I feel like smiling, staring into the serene beauty of still waters, I even miss-out on the correct route back home...but these moments bear no relation to any person. They are just a passing phase...they come with a heavy downpour, the fragrance of wet mud, a new job, the thought of good food...I mean just about anything! But the only way I identify them is with being in love, 'coz this is exactly what happened to me then.

So all my dear friends, who are curious about 'the one' me... when 'the one' comes by, you will be the 'chosen ones' to whom the news comes first!