Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When Reality meets Magic

Curtains down, black out.
Music. Vibrant colours.
Light and shadow come together...
And there is magic.

Lion King was a story. This was a dream.
Every corner of the auditorium came alive when the drums beat, the actors sang and masks came alive.
They created magic, not from mystery, but by being lively, by being loud, by making their presence felt.
A very different experience of what 'magical' can be, I say.

Movement combined with an attire so grand; the scenes compel imagination, awe and enchantment.
I didn't even think of blinking; lest the dream was broken.
Emotions ran high - on stage and off stage.
Lion King - the Musical is a feeling, that must be felt.
A standing applause.

Friday, April 30, 2010


A thousand joys,
A thousand tears,
All bundled into one.

Nature's surprise,
Mankind's creation,
All bundled into one.

Our dreams,
His future,
All bundled into one.

Irreplaceable experiences,
Expressionless love,
All bundled into one.

In one.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eyes wide open!

But now it is in my hands to make things work
Older and wiser, I think I am...
Responsibilities these are, that I cannot shirk.

And so what has been woven,
Has been woven so...
I will continue with new colours,
A pattern never tried before.

It will be a part of the old,
A fresh beginning nevertheless.
Inexperienced fingers these; they will make some mistakes
But all in all, I will have had my share too
And you can have your chance to feel blue.