Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Where is the ME?
Actually I'm really confused.
I think I am in love...the feeling seems familiar, but the person does not.
Has my taste changed OR have my priorities. I'd prefer to think the latter, makes your thought seem so much more significant.

The present is fine, rather quite wonderful.
But the still lingers. I want to let go, I almost have...but I'm always tempted to trample upon it one last time. Rub some salt on those wounds and see if it still burns! Sounds bizarre and sadistic...but isn't that pleasurable as well.

My responsibilities have increased manyfolds.
Suddenly life seems to have a purpose. I feel I am 21.
I am compelled to ponder if this is someone trying to tell me something - then why the hell can't I figure it out.

I want to be held tight.
Fingers to meet and toes to touch,
Noses to rub and heads to bump...
I want to dream...ENDLESSLY!