Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Open Court


Well, so that big guy, who sits in that important chair up there - the judge, of course smiled at the cousel who appeared after me and said "Has the uniform changed? I mean am I not aware of a change in the dress code?" The cousel checked his own attire before he noticed everyone turning to look at me. I was busy packing my files, when a lady said "The judge seems to be speaking about you!" I was in a light blue shirt and grey pants - now whats wrong with that? (vibrant? light blue?)

The first thing (I don't know why) did read was that about the dress code for lady advocates in the High Court. It says "That women are allowed grey or black pants and a full sleeves or half sleeves shirt of any sobre colour! (salwar kameez and skirts also follow in the list)"

And so when I did realise it was me the Judge was talking about I said quite promptly, "But pastel shades are allowed." Aha, if not for that associate who hushed me and the friendly counsel who covered up for me, I would have been heard IN OPEN COURT!


I did try approaching the judge in his chambers later, but he refused to see me. I wanted to clarify my stand, but what the hell... he didn't want to see me , he said. And of course the associates who clamour out side his court, who thought it wiser not to let me in.

But what about the fact, that I was so right!!!! So right in what I wore and what I wanted to say.

The general custom is to wear black and white. But the rule of book foms the base. After all you are in court and the law is what is LAID DOWN. It is not a custom, nor anyone's likes or dislikes - it is just about what is written in that rule book. What if someone has not read it, shouldn't he be informed, lest he points a finger at some one else again?

I feel im going to catch hold of someone who knows him and meet him sometime to tell him my story! So what if it is in a closed chamber....