Thursday, June 05, 2008

Dear Tanvee...

A slow whine
will break through the quiet of the night,
you will wake to see
Little eyes, wide open in fright.

A thump, you'll hear
It's soft, but rough'
You'll peek to see
Little feet that are having it a little tough

A little hand,
Will clutch you finger;
When you turn, you'll meet
A tender someone, scared to linger.

Those unsure footsteps shall become confident strides,
That toothless grin will make way for a beautiful smile,
The delicate hands will mould creative shapes,
All, but in a little while.

And then your baby
Will become a beautiful girl,
She will make you proud,
And within her, you'll see the world unfurl.

P.S. Little Tanvee, I have not seen you yet, but I imagine you to be a bright little girl with round cheeks and long hair. By the time I meet you, you'll be recognising people and will have a set of likes and dislikes. It will be challenging, but I will definitely befriend you!