Friday, October 24, 2008

Special credits: to the bike ride from Grant Road to Goregaon.- it lasted one hour in peak traffiic hours. This made for entertainment.

In an act to be different,
I ordered beer one day,
And, oh!, my friends,
It all went this way.

We went to a place called Mondy's,
They serve only beer and wine;
They didn't have the vodka - with crand\berry juice,
Which I had particularly in mind.

So I agreed to beer.
They ordered; a pitcher, that too.
They placed a mug before me,
But drink, what else could I do?

It had to it a bitter twang,
Not so friendly for a first time, I'd say,
But half glass through, the taste lingered on,
But this time there wasn't a reason for dismay.

We had the whole and ordered another,
More pitchers were passed 'round,
The yellow liquid rose to my head,
Each time to the loo I bound.

Beer and me, weren't friends-at-first-sight,
It all went like this, you see;
It fills my tummy and makes me happy,
Each time I visit the bar and have a limited penny.

Budweiser's my favourite,
Kingfisher ranks two,
Castle Nager, though my first,
It all depends on my mood.

That's not what I pick first, off the bar menu
The choice of vodkas and shots is vast,
The beer comes then, right before the end,
We say we save the best for last.