Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When I was feeling low

At a point when the day seemed to become dull, lazy, disappointing...
Life just seemed to make me smile in its own sweet way.
I went for Indian Ocean - live in concert. Vow! they played bandhe...
A birthday party, with pictionary and chicken biryani and peach twirl.
I met an old friend over coffee... strong coffee and a cheese sandwich.
I bumped into another close friend... who has promised to take me out for dinner and coffee, thereafter. But this coffee would be sweet... very sweet, because that is the way he likes it.
I designed a page successfully. It took three hours... but the page looks nice.
I am eating swiss chocolate cake... the layers of cream look delightful... as though rolling in joy.

I was giving up hope and I was feeling very low. But life doesn't seem to be all that bad...
Probably life seems a big word and too philosphical.
So I will just say... THE DAY

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