Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thoughts from memories

It felt nice to see a familiar face after many days.
Being surrounded by strangers is peaceful in a way.
They know what they see of you.
If they like you, you are popular.
If they don't like you, they leave you alone.
Both ways are comfortable.

I am learning a new language.
Conversations that don't concern me are my teachers.
I listen - I learn.
When I find words difficult, I ask for help in translation.
Sometimes I feel I ask for a translation almost unnecessarily. The people crease their eyebrows wondering why I would be concerned with a personal conversation.
They translate anyways.
I never feel like an intruder. They never make me feel like one.

I am not in touch with a civilised world.
But today I am.
I do not reply to emails, because I am beginning to feel out of place.
Left behind probably - like the people in the hills?


Princess Selene said...

this is perfect...
i mean...literally perfect..
i ve been trying to say the very same things for a long time..and u have done it beauifully... :)


Princess Selene said...

its been a while! please do update!

sometimes i can nevr be able to say the rigt words for the right feelings, and yours do so beautifully..

let me into you soul for a bit.. :)