Friday, November 20, 2009

midnight musings...

Things that you should do, may not be thing that you want to do;
Things that you want to do may not be tings that you should do;
But do things that you want to do,
It will make you happier.

Because things that you want to do,
You will do from your heart;
And when you do things from your heart,
You are always confident from the start.

Because things that you want to do,
Will make you smile.
And when you smile upon life itself,
Reaching goals doesn’t seem a long while.

Because things that you want to do
Always reflects yourself.
And when you live life in a familiar way,
Trust me;
It seems ‘full’ and ‘worthwhile’, irrespective of the day.


Chinmay said...

Things you should do are always things you want to do; but wants are nasty things, they always elude you. Wish these wants were single dimensional. Probably something everyone wrestles with at some point, the weird thing is the dilemma manifests best in midnight musings

K?K! said...

wants are nasty, dreams aren't. my wants are my dreams... which i touch upon and they make me happy.
i realised that if i do things on impulse, at the time they seem the most important... life is more enjoyable

Chinmay said...

wish that you can live them and they come true :)

K?K! said...

there is a part of my dream on the Nov. 28th post.
im gonna make those dreams come true