Sunday, November 08, 2009

Of an evening walk

When the ears are warm the body is warm. That is my latest theory.
I bought me a red and black hat. it is lovely. On the cold windy day, it kept my ears warm. I think, when you feel the wind in your ears, your head feels heavy and then your body stiffens.
After goat cheese, I recommend cider. Last evening C and me walked around Angel. I just liked the name of the place and C said it's colourful and so we walked there. For window shoppers, this place is paradise, because nobody shuts the lights in their display panes. So we could see, all that we want and not get it. That is still a nice feeling: of seeing what you want (FULL STOP) We ate persian food. Sometimes just doing things impulsively really helps in enlarging the experience. There awas aubergine in every recipe on the menu (and that absolutely deters me from experimenting). But that left little choice and so we went with aubergine and ground walnut and sesame oil. It was rather nice. A large naan and a creamy yogurt dip. We discovered that buttermilk is called "DOUGH" in persian and as ginger ale, they only serve you a (miniature) bottle of "CANADA DRY".
I drank cider at two pubs. There was cuban music at Cuba Libre... cuban music is very very nice. C says it is the same beat over and over again. ButIi moved to it and so I enjoyed it. There were paintings on the wall and spanish cider to be served.

We spoke about approaching random people in the pub to have a conversations. It is said to be the simplest way of making friends here. Odd! But I have decided that the next time, I will do so. One of our conversations led me to realise that I have become more confident about speaking to strange (those of whom I have not known before) men since the first time I have gone out with a guy. I mean, maybe once you know that you are "likeable" and "a prospective" for some-one, it really adds to your confidence of approaching other some-ones who you consider prospectives. It is much against the principle of thoughts - 'one must be self confident' and 'you live for yourself, not for your partner', etc. - but successful relationships do put that bounce into your footstep and spirit. Hmmm...

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