Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Colour Me Vibrant...

Another year has gone by...
Holi is back again;
With colours and balloons
And buckets of water
A time I go down memory lane.

I have spent many Holis
With friends old and new;
One thing in common
Is that they are all important
And why i manage to keep in touch, is because they are so few.

There are two times in a year - Diwali and Holi
When i traditionally bond to let them know
That they are special
And i need them to stick around
Even though at times i might bitch at them like a foe

Emotions are such a wrangle,
They tend to get you quite complicated;
You know not now
You not never
How moments overwhelm you and how at times they make you feel elated.

So coming back to this festival of colours,
It was bright and cheerful this year;
The last of these, with my chaddi friends
I spent this time
Curiosity and a slight bit of apprehension, clouds my thoughts of Holi next year!

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harshvardhan kadam said...

impressive !

thts me
chk it out