Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The past few evenings have been quite enjoyable. In fact it’s been a long time since I felt this good about my social circle. I have interacted with a three people - A, B and C - who are extremely different from one another, yet have a few things in common when it comes to me. Well I don’t really know whether it is this similarity that get me clicking with them, or is it just the fact I can be myself with them. I have known these people for some time now, but I haven’t exactly kept in touch except for when it is the need of the hour (read: work). Coincidently I know all three through work and the names of all three begin with ‘A’ and to add to all these coincidences, they are all into the wackiest of professions; which of course seem normal when you just ‘hear’ of it, but delve a little deeper and the uncanny side of their choice is obvious.

Anyways I realised that I can let my hair down with these people. We talk about books, their professions, childhood and relationships. My cynicism jumps to the forefront, most of the times and they all end up advising me against adopting ‘such’ an attitude. Probably at such times, my other friends who I regularly hang out with would say - “You are trying to be different, that’s all!” or may be “You are still to see a lot of this world.” But with A, B and C, it’s kind of different, they will always argue it out, or humour me, but finally convince me or atleast leave me debating with myself. Here are some incidences from my times spent with each of them. Going down memory lane (well not exactly!)…

Today I told C not to snap the scissors in air, because it is blindly believed that the person ends up having a fight with those around at that moment. C turned around and asked - “So you believe in superstitions?” - NO; “Ok then you have blind faith?” - NO; and then he continued snapping the scissor - looked up and smiled saying, “My dad keeps doing this all the time, by your theory he should have no friends! I’m not arguing, just trying to make you understand.” And somewhere, though I retorted saying, “I don’t debate things, I can’t verify”, I was convinced and happy at the change of thought, atleast for that while.

There was one time I was arguing with B about men being taken for a ride with certain women. Well the topic of conversation was those ‘women’. They play on both sides of the fence and sometimes make a good looking chauffer of the guy, while at other times make him a punch bag when they need to bitch or basically need to be pampered or require the attention (especially at times of PMS). All B said to me was - “What does the world have to do with a man who knows he is being taken for a ride and still goes for it willingly.” - “Well then why do they crib?” I asked; “Cribbing is natural to every human. Remember what God didn’t add into that glass of life…satisfaction!” B replied in the most placid of tones. And it has been from then on that I feel no sympathy, concern or the need to give advice to such men - so what if he is my brother - he has been bestowed with a brain, thankfully!

With A there has never really been a time when we have spoken about philosophy or any aspect of it or anything even closely related to it. A has this capacity to ‘just listen’. A will ask me about everything in my life - college, trekking, snake park, Japalouppe, my closest friends - and hear me talk incessantly about each of these elements in my life. The other day, when I walked out of A’s house, I realised how much A remembered of my life and the people in it. I have this habit of making passing references to people and events, which at some point I might have described; A actually can go back to earlier narrations only to remind me that ‘s/he listens.’

I always wonder what it would be like, was I to bring all three of these people together. Well, there would be utter chaos. Each would think the other to be mad or immature or basically zonked out of his/her head. At the end of it they would take me aside privately and request me to keep away from the others. In such a background, it seems to be quite an irony as to how well and how similarly I get along with all of these three.

Actually I am glad to have kept things the way they have been for so long with all three. An occasional interaction consisting of random recollections, coffee/tea/juice and tons of satisfaction!


Umesh said...

U: Hows college, trekking, snake park, Japalouppe, and your closest friends? Hows A, B and C? How's Umesh??

K?K! said...

yeahh... nice one!

Adil said...
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Adil said...

well written lady, well written.

I suggest you put a word to these characters A, B & C - a metaphor for each.

Hi how are you?