Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Feel

The days have been passing me by,
Studies and work,
Well it all seems to be very slow.

Sometimes I wait for dawn to settle into dusk...
And sometimes it's vice versa.
There are those times too,
When I want time to standstill,
Wait for the moment to pass me completely
So that Ican enjoy every drop of it.

But why does life seem a drag?
I don't exactly yearn for anything,
There is nothing I definitely miss;
But a longing in me,
Calls for something exciting...probably motivating
Something that will make me feel like bliss.

It has been some time now,
That I felt total satisfaction surround me.
I can recollect some experiences
Which have had me smiling all day
Or just feeling 'light' - like a feather.

I wait for this period to end,
I so hope I can 'actually' bid it goodbye;
I will be happier then
Afloat on joy
Capturing the images of hope, surprise and glee!

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