Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wonder Full ME

I wonder what happened
To those letters and those cards;
Flowing with emotions they were,
They were written from the heart.

I wonder what happened
To that colourful powder, we had put away;
To that pen, to that wallet,
With careful thought they had been picked, for the moment that was to never stay.

I wonder what happened
To those memories we had made;
Holding hands by the sea, we’d vowed this was forever,
I remember grasping for some clarity, as everything began to fade.

I wonder what it is like now
Those drops of affections compel me to ponder;
Ashes or dusted, where does it lie,
A part of me will always yearn to know…
Until then it will only wander.


. said...

New look: )

K?K! said...

aah...well someone i know...
said the earlier look was quite hard on the eye...
guess experience counts sometimes...

Anonymous said...

nice one KK!!
- chi

Anonymous said...

nice one KK !!

niranjan said...

this is a good piece of poem - simple and short. keep it up!