Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Come A-Way

it's been some time...
a lot of time it seems to be. i am waiting for a transition - in time, in thought, in myself - i need to change and accept change.
good, bad or ugly - life is an inseperable part of me. i have to smile at it. i owe it a lot more than just sulking, cribbing and damning it.

let me fall into your arms and feel myself - drown in the happiness of who i am.
i shall be gone a while... a long long while... but i am going to come back
a happier, a more positive and a complete soul.

the hills beckon and the snow is waiting to play hide and seek;
i am returning to my roots - the soil, the earth and nature.
i shall retire there too...
until then!


. said...

The K will be away.
She will be missed
by the frog and the toad
and the crow down the road.

Anirudh said...

i saw this b4 u published it... remember me???? ani the great(coimbatore or mane as u used to call me, but try not to use those).

K?K! said...

hi ani... of course i remem you MR MANE...u didnt see this... but i will post what you saw soon